Board of Directors

DPL directors oversee and direct management to conduct business activities to enhance DPL's value.

Although the leadership team is responsible for the day-to-day business operations, the Board of Directors provides oversight with respect to the strategic direction and key policies and approves major initiatives, advises on significant financial and business objectives, and monitors progress with respect to such matters.

Board of Directors

Barry J. (Joe) Bentley

Craig L. Jackson

Leonardo Moreno

Mary Stawikey

Kenneth J. Zagzebski


DPL Inc. Officers

Kenneth J. Zagzebbski, Chairman of the Board

Craig L. Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Gustavo Pimenta, Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Stadelmann, Treasurer

Judi L. Sobecki, General Counsel and Secretary

Karin M. Nyhuis, Controller