What to Expect After You Apply

DPL's standard hiring process.

The typical hiring process follows the steps below.* You will be notified if you are not selected for a position.

  • We will review your resume to determine if you meet the minimum job qualifications and share your resume with the hiring manager.
  • You will complete employment testing (if applicable).
  • You will complete interviews via telephone, on-site/face-to-face or both.
  • You will receive a formal job offer, complete pre-employment screenings (criminal, driving, references, physical, drug screening, etc.) and start at your new job.

Candidates applying for positions requiring Edison Electric Institute (EEI) certification must pass an employment test. Practice tests are available from EEI and Get Into Energy to help you prepare.

Positions are usually posted for 2-4 weeks.  You may not receive feedback until the position has been closed and all resumes have been reviewed.  This can be as soon as 2-4 weeks or several months after the initial posting.

If you have not heard from us after 4 weeks, you may send an email.

* Steps in the process and the order in which they are completed are subject to change.  When partnering with our hiring managers to process openings, it is our intent to process applicants as quickly as possible.  Your patience is appreciated when the process takes longer than expected.