Contractor Prequalification

DPL requires all contractors complete a prequalification and safety review process to be eligible to perform work for the company.

Who is required to complete the Avetta prequalification process?

All contractors must register and prequalify with Avetta, formerly PICS Auditing. Contractors are independent businesses, supplier representatives or organizations that perform work or provide services on DPL property. This includes subcontractors who are hired by the primary general contractor to perform certain parts of the agreed upon work or service.

While there are costs associated with Avetta registration, the program is used by other power companies and other industries. Only one registration is required, and the cost will also give you access to work available with companies other than DPL.

How to prequalify with Avetta

  1. Register online. If you aren’t already registered, become a registered member and select DPL Inc. as your requesting client.
  2. Submit the prequalification form. Complete and submit a prequalification form (or link your company to DPL Inc. and update your form, if you are already an Avetta member).
  3. Submit your safety documents and insurance certificate. Only needed for new members. Even if you have already provided DPL Inc. with a copy of your safety program and insurance certificate, please upload your current information into your Avetta account. Verify that your insurance certificate meets the DPL Inc. insurance requirements before uploading.
  4. Respond to any audit questions from Avetta.
  5. Update your account each year.

If you have any questions, please contact Avetta customer service at 800-506-7427 and select option 1.